“Highly Recommended!
Seamless process to get switched
over, and great customer service!!”

“I cannot express how
happy we were to switch
our phone services to VoDa.”

JoAnne Ruggiero, Village of Patchogue

The Village of Patchogue would like to thank all the helpful team members at Voda.

A number of years ago we transferred all our Verizon accounts to Voda. This has made my life much easier. When it comes to phone issues it’s hard to be sure if it’s the telephone service or the telephone system. Either way, I would call Dan and he would work out the details of determining which one was not working properly. He would coordinate with our phone system company and phone service company and dispatch the person who needed to respond to our service call.

We have recently converted from old copper wiring to internet based phones and the transition was seamless. Dan and Christine scheduled a meeting with us to go over all the details. After that meeting, Dan scheduled all the service techs needed and had all the necessary equipment shipped directly to us.

We are extremely happy to be part of the Voda family and would recommend them to anyone in search of outstanding customer service.


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