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Why choose a Small Company over the Big Guys?

When choosing any service provider, is a big recognizable company all you look for? Are other factors involved? Before you answer these questions, ask yourself this; Is it brand recognition, lowest price, personal recommendation, customer service, or advertising that...

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How do you communicate with remote/field workers?

With so many companies with employees in remote locations, it's important that your phone system can reach all employees no matter where they may be. Imagine being able to reach your team members anytime or anywhere and saving money in the long run. Why pay for a...

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The challenges of being female in a male-dominated field

The challenges of being female in a male-dominated field Do you remember this old riddle? A father and son get into a car accident. When the son is brought to the hospital with injuries, the doctor says, “I can’t operate on this boy. He’s my son.” Who’s the doctor?...

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Why Settle for Less?

It’s noon on a Friday. You have a meeting with a client in London in an hour, one of those important ones where you really need to shine.  In fact, it’s already five o’clock pm their time, and they’re staying late just for...

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From “Business as Usual” to the “New Normal,”

I think we all can agree that the past year has drastically changed the work landscape. Personally, I believe these changes are here to stay, especially remote working. Why? Because we discovered the countless hidden benefits of working from home, from our quality of...

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