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From “Business as Usual” to the “New Normal,”

I think we all can agree that the past year has drastically changed the work landscape. Personally, I believe these changes are here to stay, especially remote working. Why? Because we discovered the countless hidden benefits of working from home, from our quality of life to the tremendous cost savings.

Many of my customers are embracing this shift by drastically cutting down on their overhead expenses, the main one being office space.

Case Study: John’s New Normal

One of my clients, “John,” was running a small but profitable business. When he was forced to shut down due to the pandemic, he realized he was able to continue running his business remotely without a traditional office. So when his lease was up, he closed the office.

The trickier part was staying connected to his clients, vendors, and employees. Prior to contacting us, John had office IP phones provided by Verizon, but they were never set up correctly. There was no VM, no auto attendant programmed, just a dial tone! When he first started working from home, he had his business number forwarded to his cell phone. His remote employees were only getting work calls to their cell phones when John manually forwarded them. This was obviously not ideal.

People with different skills connecting together online and working on the same project, remote working and freelancing concept

The New Normal: VoDa Voice and Data Solutions helps businesses stay connected remotely

VoDa Voice and Data Solutions to the rescue

After meeting with John, reviewing his current system, and understanding his business needs and challenges, we:

  • Advised him to not to auto-renew his contract, saving him thousands of dollars in early termination fees.
  • Helped him to downgrade his existing internet service, saving him hundreds monthly.
  • Installed VoDa Hosted service, without any new upfront equipment cost to him by leveraging his cell phone.
  • Implemented our Cell Phone App, which allowed John to make and receive calls through his cell phone, including: call transfer, conference calling, call history, retrieve voicemail, video chat, contact import, and so much more.
  • Set up a personalized Auto Attendant Message to John’s specifications, with prompts for billing, sales, and employees’ direct lines.
  • Took over his existing toll-free number for less than half the cost of what he was paying.
  • Set up his desktop portal and trained him remotely on how to use it, which freed him up to call or answer calls from his computer.
  • Set up access to all users through his platform, which allowed John to see who was on a call, who was available to speak, retrieve call logs, change auto attendant message, activate a holiday message…and so many additional functions to keep his company connected and running smoothly.

John’s business is currently thriving. We helped cut his bills in more than half by switching him over to VoDa’s Hosted Platform. When the time comes for him to scale up, we can execute that in a few days. How can we help you make the switch to the new normal?

Call us today for a free communications audit and see how connection-friendly your company is.



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