“Highly Recommended!
Seamless process to get switched
over, and great customer service!!”

“I cannot express how
happy we were to switch
our phone services to VoDa.”

Why choose a Small Company over the Big Guys?

When choosing any service provider, is a big recognizable company all you look for?

Are other factors involved?

Before you answer these questions, ask yourself this;

Is it brand recognition, lowest price, personal recommendation, customer service, or advertising that caught your eye?
Many times, it’s a combination of several things. So, the next logical train of thought should be to list them in order of importance.

Is paying the lowest price as important as having immediate customer service and support? While large corporations may be able to offer rock-bottom prices, they often fail when it comes to that personal touch.

What most consumers don’t realize is those small companies are able to compete and often surpass the competition in most areas.

Many small businesses, like VoDa, work with the big companies as resellers or authorized distributors in conjunction with their own offerings. Those distinctions allow them to offer the same products and services at comparable rates, but with added bonuses.

With quantity, you often lose quality. It is a common occurrence that large chains (enterprise businesses) fail at offering that personal touch because of the sheer number of employees.

Conversely, small businesses, like VoDa, most often excel at customer care.
Competitive pricing, reliable products, customer service, personal attention, and a single point of contact for service and support are what you should demand from any provider, large or small. It’s a no-brainer not to choose a company that can check most of the must-have boxes on your list.

Give a small company a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised and glad that you did!


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