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VoDa provides custom-hosted platform solutions designed to help you stay connected, wherever your business takes you.

Business Hosted IP Telephone Solutions.

Mobile App

Turn your smartphone into a desk phone to make and receive calls, transfer calls, conference call, video chat, and more.
Access your desk phone features from anywhere using our ReachUC mobile app. Make and receive calls or send and receive SMS messages; recipients will only see your business number, never your personal cell phone number. Don’t want calls after hours? Activate the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature with the swipe of a finger.

Supported features of ReachUC include: secure VoIP, video calling, voicemail, simul-ring with your desk phone, GSM calling, SMS and text chat, conference call, record, contact list, call history, extension dialing, and more. Available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Desktop Softphone

Transform your computer into a business phone so you can take those calls and meetings from anywhere.
Whether you’re on the road or working from home, our Desktop Softphone keeps you connected to your office. Just click and call! This all-inclusive desktop solution provides a seamless integration with your company’s directory so you can easily call any of your contacts from your computer.

The Desktop Softphone combines the best in traditional phone system features with modern Internet Protocol (IP) capabilities using a Cloud PBX web portal. Each extension of your Cloud PBX system has access to a powerful web portal for managing voicemail, call routing, and more. Simply log in to your unique user portal to access all the features of your desk phone on your desktop, laptop, or tablet: Make and answer calls; fax or text; see real-time presence of contacts (available, busy, offline); click to call; see active calls; retrieve voicemail; change voicemail settings; record or upload a greeting; set and change answering rules and timeframes; allow or block numbers; import, add, and view contacts; add hold music; view and export call history; plus many additional call analytics.

Personalized Auto

Improve call routing and customer satisfaction with a personalized auto attendant designed around your company’s departments.

Never miss another important work-related call again with a Personalized Auto Attendant program. VoDa will design your unique auto-attendant (AA) tree with prompts that suit your business: “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Billing…” Prioritize calls with Ring Groups to ensure that all phones ring simultaneously in an assigned department. Add prompts for dial by name or by extension. You can even program your system to route calls from your office extension to your work mobile number. Want to leave a lasting impression on your customers? Customize your automated greetings to feature current promotions or holidays. You can also easily enable or disable the AA at any time or change the number of rings before the AA is engaged.

Contact Center

The Voda WebCentrex Contact Center solution provides the monitoring tools and reporting capabilities needed to manage and oversee a contact center operation.

Keep an eye on call volume, calls that went to voicemail, average talk time, average hold time, and more. With Voda WebCentrex Contact Center, you can review statistics and reports related to the call queues. When configured, the Stats Grid displays custom statistics for your call center that are color coded on a scale of red to green based on lower and upper thresholds of certain call center aspects that you can configure. A presence table lists the current status of agents that belong to the queues. Information is refreshed in real time so you can always see up-to-the-minute status of any of the call center information.

Hospitality and
Hotel Solutions

Easily integrate your existing Property Management Software with our Hosted PBX. Track guest arrival, departure, payment method, housekeeping room status, wake-up calls Do Not Disturb, and so much more.


Whether analog or virtual, VoDa has a fax solution that’s right for you

eFAX No fax? No problem. With VoDa’s eFax solution, you no longer have to be tethered to a phone line or waiting on a busy signal. Send and receive faxes quickly, privately, and securely via email, a secure online portal, even your mobile device. Plus, you can eliminate unnecessary paper waste as well as the maintenance costs that come with traditional fax machines.

Instant Fax ATA If you prefer to use a conventional fax machine, Instant Fax ATA is a propriety piece of hardware that plugs into Ethernet and RJ11 from the fax machine to send Fax over IP. Also known as a Store-and-Forward device, an Instant Fax ATA increases the overall success rate of faxing dramatically by allowing faxes to be buffered before being transmitted to and from an analog fax machine. The VoDa Instant Fax service gives portal users the option to view received faxes and send outbound faxes directly from the PBX portal or by email. You can also create a cover letter in the same portal. Inbound faxes will appear in the Fax Inbox and will be emailed to the email address of the PBX User.

Various Conference Services.


Boost collaboration, attendance, and productivity with face-to-face meetings.
Access our multi-point webcam-based video conferencing and our Huddle Room solution for a more immersive telepresence experience. You can deploy any number of rooms, any of which can accommodate up to one hundred participants.  In aggregate, you can accommodate up to 1,000 concurrent sessions. Additional capacity can be arranged.

  • Web conferencing:   Give sales presentations and product demos, and collaborate interactively
  • Remote Support:   Support PC and Mac users remotely.
  • Remote Access: Allows participants to join a meeting anytime, anywhere.
  • Webinar: A complete webinar conference service that allows you to control all activity of all attendees.


Connect with confidence with VoIP based audio conferencing.
  • Dedicated Conference Bridge is a standalone conference with its own unique extension.
  • Owned Conference Bridge is a user-owned conference that is accessible through the user’s portal. Owned Conference Bridges allow for basic users to monitor and add callers to their own conference bridge.
  • Direct Dial is an option for an Owned Conference Bridge that allows for dialing directly into the conference bridge, similar to dialing a user’s extension. It can accommodate up to 99 participants.


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking transports your company’s voice traffic over the internet, so you’ll enjoy greater voice quality and lower costs than traditional voice circuits.
SIP trunking allows you to use the same IP-based network for various types of data transmission (voice, video, and more) so there’s no need to pay for multiple, overlapping networks. With SIP, your phone system runs over an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines so you can leverage your existing premise-based phone system (PBX) and existing phones and equipment.

Dynamic IP

VoIP technology that prioritizes and allocates traffic bandwidth on demand, dynamically alternating between voice and data as call volume needs change.
Dynamic IP provides a single network connection for business phone services and high-speed data, rather than separate channels for each. Dynamic IP supports multiple call paths—Analog, SIP Trunking, and PRI—enabling you to use your existing phone equipment. What’s more, Dynamic IP automatically adjusts bandwidth allocations based on call volume. As calls come in, data speed is shifted towards voice services. When calls diminish, it’s shifted back to data.

  • Bundle includes high-speed internet, voice, managed router, and calling features.
  • Voice prioritization ensures calls coming into and going out of your business receive priority over data.
  • Flexibility offers a wide variety of services such as voice lines, PRI’s SIP, and high-bandwidth applications.
  • Scalability supports businesses of all sizes.


Traditional landlines or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) enable analog voice transmission through physical wires.
Whether you need one line for an alarm, fax, or credit card machine, or a group as a failover solution for your primary voice service, VoDa can provide either a new service with new numbers or move (port) your existing numbers.

Toll Free

Numbers are available in all toll-free prefixes, including 800, 866, 877, and 888.
VoDa can re-route your toll-free traffic in a matter of seconds by changing your “ring to” number. This provides another layer of failover. You can receive re-routed calls to ANY number you provide us, even a cell phone.

Premise Based
Phone Systems

When having control is key, the premise based phone system resides within your facility, managed and controlled by you.
PBX (Private Branch Exchange) refers to the traditional TDM telephone system that uses analog or digital connections. A premise-based phone system is one that is completely controlled and maintained within the business itself.

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