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VoDa provides a wide array of data services, products, and technologies,
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Internet and Data Services


Stay connected with robust, high-speed internet access.
Is a slow connection hurting your business? For faster uploading and downloading between multiple users, you need the high-speed performance of broadband.

Broadband is delivered over coaxial cable, optical fiber (Fiber to the Internet FTTI), radio, or twisted pair.


No cables, no phone lines? No problem! Stayed connected with fast, reliable wireless internet access.
With fewer latency issues and lightning-fast speed—from 10Mbps to 1Gbps—fixed wireless is perfect for businesses in less populated areas. Providing high speed broadband Internet access through radio waves, fixed wireless’s reliability and speed gives businesses the competitive edge they need to keep up with today’s fast pace.


Secure, scalable, and reliable connections to support and protect your growing business’s communication needs.
For unrivaled speed, security, and reliability, an ethernet connection is the answer. Providing a stronger signal than Wi-Fi, ethernet links multiple locations, remote sites, data centers and corporate LANs—wherever they may be—for high-speed, high-capacity point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity.


Flexible architecture for your highest bandwidth and security needs to ensure guaranteed performance when you need it.
Deliver large data files quickly and securely with low-latency, high-speed wavelength solutions.

Fully managed, dedicated Point-to-Point optical service delivered over a Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network. Ideal for enterprises that require high capacity to support their Cloud services and intensive bandwidth-consuming applications and business processes. Speeds range from 1Gbps to 100Gbps.

Advanced LTE

Fast, affordable, and easy wireless access to the internet.
LTE Internet is broadband internet service that leverages 4G networks so you can access the internet from wherever your office is located.

Domain and
Email Hosting

Reliable website hosting, email, and affordable domain prices. Click here

Business Class Internet and Data Services


Reliable, accessible, and economical solution to keep you connected.
Cable internet is a form of broadband Internet access which uses the same infrastructure as a cable television. Like digital subscriber line and fiber to the premises services, cable Internet access provides network edge connectivity (last mile access) from the Internet service provider to an end user. It is integrated into the cable television infrastructure analogously to DSL which uses the existing telephone network.


Highly secure and private connections for ultrafast transactions.
Sharing internet access can slow you down. Own your own bandwidth with dedicated internet and enjoy the peace of mind of secure connectivity and dedicated speeds. Access to the internet is delivered privately through one-to-one connections via TDM Private Line (closed network data transport service which does not traverse the public Internet) or ethernet circuits.

Ethernet Dedicated

Scalable bandwidth, predictable expenses, and reliable connections with your own dedicated line.
Say goodbye to delays, lags, other latency issues. A dedicated E-Line provides you with the bandwidth, high speed, and reliable internet connections you need to stay competitive. Services offer point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity, predictable latency, as well as options for diverse, redundant connections to promote business continuity.


The gold standard of high-speed internet access.
Providing unrivaled, seamless performance, a dedicated fiber optic line transmits information through millions of light pulses every second, ensuring the fastest data transmittal. As companies rely more and more on cloud computing, fiber optics provides greater bandwidth to keep your business safe and efficient. Plus, fiber optic cables are more durable than copper, so they’re less likely to be damaged.

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