“Highly Recommended!
Seamless process to get switched
over, and great customer service!!”

“I cannot express how
happy we were to switch
our phone services to VoDa.”

Joseph J. DiBenedetto, Esq., P.C

I have a private Law practice in Queens, NY. Recently, a new client of mine told me about her experience when trying to reach me. Whenever I was out of the office, my calls were answered by an outsourced answering service. When the call was picked up, the operators mispronounced my name so badly that it didn’t even resemble my name. Something that I heard repeatedly from other callers and not a good first impression for a potential new client. In addition, the process of retrieving the messages was just so outdated and time consuming that I knew I had to make some changes. Except I didn’t know how or to what.
Lucky for me, my new client was Christine Rizzuto, owner of Voda Voice and Data Solutions. Her team installed a state of the art VoIP phone system.

Not only am I fully automated, and reachable anywhere, I no longer needed the costly answering service. Voda’s service saved me hundreds of dollars a month.
One of the best features of my new phone system is the ReachUC app which is installed on my cell phone. As an attorney, giving out my personal cell number is not optimal. I no longer have to do that since when receiving and making calls through the app, my business number is what a caller sees.

In those instances when I don’t want the phone to ring I can put the app in Do Not Disturb mode with the swipe of a button, but still get a voicemail.

My clients can also text their message to my business number, and I can quickly respond to them without having to leave a meeting to make a call. 
This really was a game changer for me. Honestly, working with Christine and her team couldn’t be easier. Their response to any request for help is pretty much immediate.

I highly recommend this company to anyone!

Joseph J. DiBenedetto, Esq., P.C.


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