“Highly Recommended!
Seamless process to get switched
over, and great customer service!!”

“I cannot express how
happy we were to switch
our phone services to VoDa.”

How do you communicate with remote/field workers?

With so many companies with employees in remote locations, it’s important that your phone system can reach all employees no matter where they may be.

Imagine being able to reach your team members anytime or anywhere and saving money in the long run. Why pay for a separate phone anymore? By leveraging a Cell Phone and adding the VoDa’s Business Hosted Voice service; ReachUC app to it your employees will have access to the same one they use already, so there’s no need for a second expense (there is an expense but its less than a monthly  cell phone would cost)  or another phone to keep track of.

For a fraction of the cost, you can install our phone system via an APP and connect them to your phone network utilizing their cell phone.

Some benefits and features:

  • Have your business number instead of a personal cell number appear on outgoing calls
  • Receive calls made to your business number on your cell phone
  • Extension dial to other team members
  • Switch an active call to a Video call with other ReachUC users
  • Conference call
  • Receive Voicemail
  • Send and receive SMS messages to your business number
  • See call history (received, called, missed, answered elsewhere)
  • Easily disable the APP by swiping the DND (Do Not Disturb) bar

The benefits go beyond just making sure that business operations run smoothly. Schedule a call with us so we can learn about your business operations and tailor a solution to fit your needs.



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