“Highly Recommended!
Seamless process to get switched
over, and great customer service!!”

“I cannot express how
happy we were to switch
our phone services to VoDa.”

One door closes, another door opens. A communication audit helped this customer add much-needed revenue during the pandemic.

Like many businesses affected by Covid in 2020 and 2021, Jon faced the difficult decision to close one of his stores. Unfortunately, since Jon’s previous provider had never properly trained him on how to set up voicemail or an auto-attendant tree, he didn’t realize he was missing many calls and opportunities during and after business hours…business he needed during this difficult time. 

After providing a complete communication audit of his business’s voice and data needs, VoDa helped in these ways: 

  • Canceled his old phone and internet account. 
  • Ported his phone numbers over to the remaining store to retain the phone numbers that he had for years. 
  • Downloaded apps on his cell phone, which created a duplicate of his desk phone. 
  • Installed new VoIP phones and trained him on how to use them. 
  • Renegotiated and downgraded his remaining internet with Verizon. 
  • Negotiated with Verizon to waive the early termination fee at his closed store. 
  • Set up an entire automated attendant with various prompts to his specifications. 

VoDa not only significantly reduced Jon’s communication bills, but they helped him to realize an increase in sales immediately. As a result, he no longer misses important calls and messages for orders. 


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