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Technology in the new workplace: How to make it work for you 

Covid-19 has altered the way we do business…perhaps forever. It has also given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine our work lives, beginning with normalizing working from home. But for remote work to work for you, you need the right tools. As the traditional work model adapts to new remote and hybrid working, so should your technology solutions. So what do you need to stay connected?

Are you leveraging your mobile phone to its fullest potential?  
In our post-Covid world, office mobility is imperative. I have so many new accounts tell me, “I’m not working in an office right now, and I don’t want to buy another phone, especially for my house.” Or they have thirty people working remotely, and they’re worried they have to buy them all new phones. We have a solution. Our Reach UC App helps everyone stay connected by turning cell phones into a desk phone. This way, you can make and receive calls, transfer calls, conference call, video chat, and more, wherever you are, wherever they go.

Think the new work model will require all-new technology? Think again!
Before you spend thousands of dollars on new equipment, talk to us first so we can help you find better ways to utilize your existing equipment. For example, with our Desktop “Softphone” Portal, you can use your PC or laptop as a phone. As a result, you can make and answer calls from your Mac or PC, as well as fax, text, conference, and more, at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy new equipment.

How to keep the human connection
We once believed that if workers didn’t have someone watching over their shoulders, productivity would drop. The pandemic dispelled that myth. Whether they’re shaving a few hours off their commute or having dinner with their families for the first time in years, workers genuinely appreciate their new flexibility, which in turn has resulted in greater productivity, collaboration, and employee retention. No matter where your workers live and work, audio conferencing and video conferencing improve communication, connect teams separated geographically, allow you to attract a more diverse and skilled workforce, and even boost meeting attendance.

Unplug and go
Maybe you like your office phone enough that you want it at home too. Our phones work with both ethernet connections and power outlets, so they can be unplugged and plugged in again anywhere…a home office, a new office space, or even a hotel room if you’re on the road. All of the existing programming will follow because it is software-based. You can even take it to another state, and it will be just like you’re still sitting at your desk.

Identical desk phones
If you don’t want to take your desk phone back and forth with you, we can provide another desk phone for your home office and provision it as an extension. With this second extension, you don’t have to log out of an office phone to log into the home office phone. Plus, you’ll have immediate access to all of your office phone information: Caller ID, contacts, voicemails, and more. It’s virtually a clone of your office phone but in two different locations.

Whatever voice and data problems you’re facing with our new work model, I guarantee I can help solve them while streamlining your communications.


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